A closeup of several tree roots

Chemical Vs. Mechanical Root Control

Though homeowners and businesses appreciate the aesthetic value that greenery adds to their yards and outdoor areas, they may fail to consider the impact of large trees on their septic tanks and sewer systems. With most plant life comes deep systems of roots that, for business and homeowners, can cause unending headaches when it comes to underground pipes and lines. By mindfully managing these roots either mechanically or chemically, however, a balance between the two can be found. Learn more about chemical and mechanical root control.

Chemical Root Control

Chemical root control is most effective in situations of long-term root growth where roots have been difficult to get rid of. Chemical root control solutions like RootX may be used to kill roots on contact and prevent further root growth. After the solution takes effect, the dead roots simply dissolve or are washed away by the flow of the piping they previously affected. Chemical solutions also coat the pipes to help prevent future root incursions and growth. With annual treatments, other forms of root control are unlikely to be needed.

Mechanical Root Control

In the event that a pipe is fully clogged with root growth, it may be best to mechanically cut the roots away first. This is a somewhat risky procedure as damage can occur to the pipe and there is no guarantee the roots won’t grow back over time. Without being paired with a root control herbicide, mechanical root control is likely to be a short-term solution.

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